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Waterfall Love ~~~

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Waterfall of pure pleasure...
Somewhere out there is a mystery to solve
We travel near and far searching for the
unknown of not knowing the mystery

The mystery of what, you may ask me?

I don’t know, I just know that we are
Apart of a mystery
A mystery of just being Here…
Mystery of the unknown of you and me
And a mystery of “we” as a nation of people

So many roads to travel, so many stones to over
turn, just to unravel a mystery of the unknown
Of whom we are and our existence into a universe
of curiosity and unrevealed secrets

Did you know that a tear drop is a mystery?
The aches and pains of mending one’s heart
is a mystery
And the journey of loving and caring for someone
is also a mystery
A tender kiss, a hug, and a smile are also a
treasury of mysteries
Simply because we know not the mystery that
triggers such feelings to react and to perform…

We are a mystery of Life!

Valeria ©2008