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~~~The Killer Disease ~~~

Thereís a killer disease that stalks the earth
Seeking to find a place to rest
It roams the streets at night
And now its taking its place in daylight
It needs no ticket for the plane
And no seat to ride the train
It makes its way on ships and boats
And sails to land to be unloaded

So many beautiful bodies are being destroyed
By this deadly disease that has no pity at all
Itís spreading fast and all kinds of people are
Being affected; the rich, the middle class and even the poor
It will tempt you, spoil you, trap you and use you
It will change you, weaken you and let you fall

Thereís no age limit the disease stops at
Because itís reaching the little hands of the Future
It hurts and itís sad to think that there may not
Be a future if nothing is done to stop the
Disease from Reaching our Children

Lets stop the killer disease now and let it travel
No more, for thereís no need or place for


on this beautiful earth

Valeria ©1993