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"Melodies of Peace"

Early morning until dawn they began their
performance to sing for us
We don't understand their melodies but their sounds
are pleasing to our ears
Their vocal organs are small yet they give such
alertness for us to pause and to listen and to feel
their joy as they sit watching us from a high or from a far
giving live performances for me and for you, yet we ignore

Their tone of melody difference with every inhale
and every exhale that they release
Louder and louder their syrinx rises in hope that one day
we will listen and translate their melody messages of love, peace
patient and joy
These birds that we never take notice of have many dangerous
challenges, yet they perform fabulous melodies everyday…
Melodies of Survivor

Our challenges as humans are very small compared to these beautiful
multi color different birds
yet we hum melodies of
to our solutions

Valeria ©2000


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