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Just Maybe

The present can be erased like when using a pencil to remove a marking of an error on paper. Why... Because so many people journey upon this land, displaying their sadness on the streets they travel, day after day because of being unhappy, suffering from crashed spirits and broken hearts which sends them on a mission to attack those in their path for no reasons at all. Maybe the present can be erased because the smiles that once shinned, no longer appears upon the smooth faces that had a timeline in which to allow the aging process to begin naturally Yet the aging wrinkles arrives early and before time due to the facial frowns of being angry for unknown reasons. And why you cry... Because I don't want to continue subjecting my ears to listening to the degrading name calling towards each other because of ones race, sex, origin, ethnic group, color, age, religion, disability and marital status or creed. I want to hear the birth names of individuals and not the slang names of cruelty to identify each other by. Do you not agree...? My heart aches when I observe my surroundings and witness the destruction of a once energetic people slowing vanishing away because of their wiliness to just bury their hopes and dreams while allowing the bitterness of their souls to consume their strengths and destroy their once brilliant minds. I cry because if we can't make a difference, there won't be a Satisfying future, only the products of more sad faces, broken hearts and restless spirits searching for a place to rest. I release many tears simple because if there's no agreements between all mankind to be on one accord Then just maybe the present will have to be erased like when using a pencil to remove many error markings from a paper Sadly, the erasing will be of mankind from the planet. This is why I cry... Valeria©2007