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E / Juneteenth – The Message / P

The struggles of their days finally arrived,
yet sadly they weren’t aware of the freedom
in which they yearned for had come to an
end after so many years of waiting.

Spring mornings, summer evenings, fall and winter nights, the performance of their labor continued from the rising of the sun until the shinning of the stars. Cropping the fields, picking the cotton, milking the cow, planting rice seeds and gathering the sugar cane and so much more – they worked.
Aching feet and swollen hands along with spasms in the back; it really didn’t matter of the pain they suffered because their labor tasks still had to be done. Smiling faces – no time for frowns as they sung this particular hymn with pride… “Glory, Glory, Halleluyah, Glory, Glory, Halleluyah, Glory, Glory Halleluyah, his truth is marching on…”
while remembering those in the fading shadow that once roamed the fields with them, now laid to rest from the pain of waiting to be released from the bondage that kept them within. Their freedom days from struggling was signed and sealed on that faithful day of January 1st 1863 known as “The Emancipation Proclamation” which, declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are henceforward shall be free”, yet they knew nothing of this deep unrevealed and unspoken secret which was hidden in the darkness of the hearts of man for 24 months – Yes 2˝ years to be exact of this special day now known as “Juneteenth” – June 19th 1865 when the news finally arrived announcing Freedom Although the freedom message was received late, no angry hearts was allowed to crash their spirit. Some simply packed their belongings with tears of joy and marched towards the flowing stream to Freedom, for they had finally seen the coming of their Heavenly Father directing His children to the land of prosperity. “Juneteenth” A day in remembrance!

Valeria ©2007