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No not today
for I want to be alone to let
my mind, my soul, my heart be at ease
to relax and reminisce on me

Can I go?

Umno you cant go, at least not yet
Just let me rest awhile as I sit here in this lounge chair
and enjoy myself while admiring the beauty of nature that
surrounds me, that was inherited to me at the beginning

I want to listen to the sounds of the exotic things that

rests within the center stalks of this island in which
my mind resides -
no interruptions please

I want to slowing inhale the ocean breeze from this island

that's designated to me, while allowing my
toes to roam through the soft sand
as I walk along the shoreline

Can I go with you can I
No, because this is a secret island granted to me
in which I can get away and renew my mind from the fast pace
of the city noise that follows me everywhere I go

Again and again you ask if you can go with me as you
continue to slowly caress my-- Um
Oh what the hell yes you can go with me
Its better that we enjoy nature together and make our
own exotic sounds




Valeria 2007