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Just You and I... img


(Forever and always)

A.M., I awake and he’s still here, lying right beside me all throughout
the night um… what a moment to cherish
And as I relocate from the premises in which I once laid,
he feels the power of my stare as I slowly walk to exit the room
He awakes, he smiles, and then he slowly scrolls towards me like a jungle cat
in heat, putting his strong hands around my waistline and gently pulling me close to
him as he guides our footsteps to the shower in which we play lightly, slightly and politely
Wee…it’s warm, it’s steamy, and then we embrace
to carry ourselves to the next level to fulfilling the lust within us…

Um… having him next to me in the early a.m., is pure pleasure as

I penetrate my tongue into his mouth as he stimulates my breasts against his chest
forcing me to inhale and then exhaling while reaching an uncontrollable climate that had me
whispering... "Hmmm... he’s so delicious"

Oh yes he belongs to me, no sharing, no drama, no pain or disbelief,

No waiting, no second guessing or questioning his love for me,
No yearning, no frowning, not even a tear drop from me for him because he's
embedded to me
And when I close my eyes at anytime of the day, I search not for him because he’s my
shadow of the mornings, of the noon, of the evenings and differently at the stroke of midnight
Understand that he's my personal bodyguard and he’s always with
me and deeply within me… Um… what a man

Now, let me continue to indulge you…

please no interruptions for the next level is about to begin…

So as we vacate the shower with towels in hands, we begin the motion of drying each other

from feet to head slowly while listening to the rhyme of our heart beat as we separate
to dress and to begin our departure of rushing off to work
But then he abruptly stops at the front door and he says “my lady", "my lover" who has
selfishly paralyzed my mind, please return with me to this bed of roses, this bed of sincerity,
this bed in which we share love endlessly
And then...

Piece by piece our clothes begins to separate

from our bodies, while leaving a trail of such garments from the front door
to the bedroom in which the process begins
- over and over we make love -
I massage his body while caressing his lips with a kiss and slowly moving my
finger tips down his...
Wow... he groans, I moan and then he ignites
an energy within that only an imaginative dream of two lovers can handle

The passion between my man and me is real, it’s deep… um can you feel

the heat from the passion of this imaginative love scene between my man and me
or could it be a reality of you and me - someday?

Um... the imagination of the mind is your secret

Dam he’s good –

Always and forever he’ll be with me in the

early a.m., and in the p.m., 365 days of the year including Leap Year
He belongs to me, he’s apart of me and I control his visits
He’s my imaginative man and he's whomever I
chooses him to be

And now that I have drawn you into a world of imagination, let me take you a little further… Wait a minute – sorry for this imagination of the mind is mines to do as I please…
And your imagination of the mind is yours to explore, so go ahead and begin to image that man or woman of your desires. Request, demand, and please your
intimate desires of the person that you desire to be with. And remember the imaginative person is yours forever and until you decide to make a change.
Your imagination is your secret!

Hell ladies go ahead and imagine, I won’t tell if you don’t…peace!


Hello men the feeling is mutual… hell use your imaginative mind and be with whoever your heart desires yet keeping it a secret – love you